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Posts from the ‘Embracing Change Around the World’ Category

Children’s Camp Brings Hope to 600 Kids in Nairobi Slum Community

I’ve had the privilege of leading Nairobi’s annual Festival of Learning (FOL) Conference three to four times in the last dozen-plus years. The FOL is a two-day pastor training event, comprised of men and women from a diverse mix of East African nations – Kenya, Uganda, Sudan, Rwanda and Tanzania to name a few. Attendees are ravenously hungry to learn and apply God’s Word to their mostly small church communities. And one man, I recall, sporting his 7 (2)traditional tribal garb, proudly wielded his ‘King James’ Bible whose origin he traced back to British missionaries decades ago!

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Rwanda, Reconciliation and Roswell – Part II

Two weeks ago I took you on a journey to Rwanda’s tragic past, the horrid genocide of 1994 where in just 100 days, nearly a million Rwandans were butchered by renegade factions of Hutu tribesmen. If you missed that and the powerful World Vision link that wound the clock back to that dreadful chapter of history, catch up here.

But just as a furious forest fire destroys before it gives birth to new life, so from the ashes of Rwanda’s calamity springs reconciliation and new opportunities. ‘Forgiveness Wins’ is the recurring drumbeat upon which the rebuilding of Rwanda society rests

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Rwanda, Reconciliation and Roswell

Twenty years and one month ago – almost to the day you are reading this – a 100 day spree of violence perpetrated mainly by Hutu tribesman against neighboring Tutsis, killed an estimated 1 million people in Rwanda while the world stood by and did almost nothing. You may justly ask why this deplorable tragedy has any relevance today. Was it not just another ferocious Third-world flash in the pan some 8,000 miles off our shores … or does it have some redeeming value, meaning, and perhaps even application in our contemporary culture? My humble response is that it has some of all three, so join me on a brief journey.

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Change in the Catholic Church

Well, the Roman Catholic Church is doing some SERIOUS embracing of change! I grew up Catholic ... and let's just say in my New York setting, I was left wondering where the gospel went! Pope Francis is profoundly pressing in on the historically stuffy pageantry and privileged hierarchy that has preceded him for decades, if not centuries.

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