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In the spirit of being a continual Life Learner, I believe we need to be intentional about expanding our personal envelope and comfort zone. In my experience, comfort is not far from the slippery slope of complacency – and complacency not far from chasm of entrenched ideas and stubbornness. Are there ideas and ideals we should never part with? Definitely!! These are called ‘absolutes’ and are likely hills you may choose to die on. But if your life is filled with an over-abundance of absolutes, you will continuously be in life threatening battles and at best, a pugnacious person to live with! My encouragement … keep learning via new books, technology, experiences, workshops, and seminars … or do something on your bucket list … or go on a mission trip … or resolve a long-standing relational issue. Keep too, a healthy cadre of trusted friends, family members, work colleagues and your Bible handy so Someone who truly cares for you can tell you when you’re getting stale!

tim_keller_prayerPrayer: Experiencing Awe and Intimacy with God (Tim Keller): Keller is the founding pastor of Redeemer Church in New York City, a highly respected theologian, and a repeat New York Times Best Selling Author (you may recognize Prodigal God and The Reason for God as some of his other titles). Redeemer Church thrives in NYC despite a young, upwardly mobile and spiritually skeptical demographic that has largely walked away from the Church. Keller seems to burn through those issues with an exceedingly candid and well-researched approach to spiritual questions people want to ponder. Keller’s Prayer will take you on a journey – guaranteed! It has 46 pages of catalogued footnotes, but don’t let that scare you off! “Prayer turns theology into experience,” declares the author, “It helps us endure this world and know both God and ourselves more completely. As ‘reversed thunder’ prayer ultimately changes things!”  Part of Keller’s proposition is that “through prayer, we sense God’s presence and receive his joy, his love, his peace and confidence, and thereby we are changed in attitude, behavior, and character.” As you penetrate this book, you will learn about the ‘supremacy, centrality and greatness’ of prayer in our lives. You will learn about prayer, how to pray why to pray, how to encounter God in prayer, answer God in prayer, appeal to God in prayer, and the magnificent power of prayer in Psalms. Enough said … go for it!

IMG_0818Multipliers (Liz Wiseman) The initial attraction in this book is the authors simple premise of leadership – and the fact that she got Stephen Covey to write the Foreword!  I struggled a bit with the subtitle, How The Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter. I see the best leaders not necessarily making people smarter, but rather releasing the raw talent and gifting that God created that person to display in their unique setting or call. That said, it’s a biz book and you will want to read it for the fantastically simple premise that some leaders display characteristics of Multipliers while others are inherently Diminishers. There are plenty of charts, comparisons, and helpful examples of each category in the book – and I challenge you to read it without immediately identifying men and women in your experience that live at each pole of the spectrum. Wiseman teaches us a LOT about our latent Diminisher tendencies, but also the exhilaration of being a Talent Magnet, Liberator, Challenger, Debate Maker, and Investor – the raw material of Multipliers.

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  1. Gail Walker #

    Tom, if you pass Tim Keller’s book around, to family and “great” neighbors, I would love to read it. Prayer is the way to stop, think, feel and realize God is always ready for us to talk, question, praise Him and solidify our faith. I have never really pondered if there is “a right” way to pray. I am anxious to learn about this among the many other aspects of his thoughts on prayers. There is no doubt I need to keep learning and rid myself of too many “absolutes”. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Gail

    October 10, 2015
  2. Isaac Idambo #

    my pastor you realy inspires with the thought of the thame of prayer,many Activities are taken but the subject of praying in the christian life has been a second thought both to church leadership and the congricants at large ,how Ido pray that Ishall sink in the prayer times more so with added know how ,thanks a gain for coming back from the break and the good health God has given to you ,Pastor Isaac

    October 16, 2015

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