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Children’s Camp Brings Hope to 600 Kids in Nairobi Slum Community


Pastor Isaac’s Small Church Thinks Big!

I’ve had the privilege of leading Nairobi’s annual Festival of Learning (FOL) Conference three to four times in the last dozen-plus years. The FOL is a two-day pastor training event, comprised of men and women from a diverse mix of East African nations – Kenya, Uganda, Sudan, Rwanda and Tanzania to name a few. Attendees are ravenously hungry to learn and apply God’s Word to their mostly small church communities. Some participants have little formal theological or pastoral education.

And one man, I recall, sporting his 7 (2)traditional tribal garb, proudly wielded his ‘King James’ Bible whose origin he traced back to British missionaries decades ago! Still another from Sudan told the story of separating his wife and children in their place of worship – so as not to risk losing his whole family if the church was bombed by the Sudanese militia. What a robust call to ministry these men and women possess! Certainly, no less pronounced than any iconic mega church leader in the USA! These spirited soldiers of the Faith commonly minister in harsh environments with meager resources, frequently in deprived slum communities where death and disease stalk every inhabitant. And in one of these slum communities of 300,000 inhabitants sits Pastor Isaac Idambo, the Gate of Holiness Church, and its Finish The Race prayer team.

isaac_preachingI met Pastor Isaac Idambo at the 2012 Festival of Learning conference. Pastor Isaac’s infectious enthusiasm to absorb the teaching points and participate in the small group discussions captured my heart and attention. His eyes blazed with learning exuberance and his smile lit up the classroom like the sun after a thunderstorm. When the conference ended, he gently asked for the DVD of one of the conference sessions to use in his home church with this promise, “Brother, I’ll report to you the ‘transformative’ impact I see in this video for my home church.” Pastor Isaac honored that promise … and over the last three years, we’ve enjoyed a rich email exchange and mutual blessing in our dialog. I long to see him on a return trip to Nairobi!!

So how does this all sync up with a small church that thinks big? Well, Pastor Isaac is planning a three-day Children’s Bible Camp in mid-April for 600 kids in the slum community in which he serves. That number is four to five times his church membership! Pastor Isaac never ventured these questions … but a few weeks ago I dared to. “How can ‘we’ (i.e., Metamorphyx readers) help bless these 600 kids?” I asked, “And, what unmet needs can we assist with?” Here’s his response:

Praise the living Lord ever! Amen my brother. My prayers are with you, the dear family, and the church. Have seen your email and tears of Joy overcame me since then you have been more than a friend and you have become a Father to our church and community. Much is well and I do get more assurance that the Lord is with us when you decide to go just an extra mile with the brethren you have not met.

Our slum community has a very high poverty level. This has led to drug abuse, school dropouts, early marriage, prostitution, witchcraft, divorce, and unemploymentamong other challenges. Because of the above, many are lost and non-believers. The mission of the church is to reach this community with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

With extra funds, we would supply the children with some healthy food, some school supplies, a few coins for very needy school fees, and a token of appreciation for the 30 teachers – a kind way to say ‘thank you.’

Be kept of the Heavens. Salute the friends for me.

Your friend, Pastor Isaac, The Gate of Holiness, Nairobi, Kenya


Your ‘invitation’ to the Children’s Camp in Nairobi!
On Wednesday, April 1st, I will wire transfer a nominal sum of money to Pastor Isaac’s Gate of Holiness Church account for the Children’s Camp. I’ve already determined what that amount is and have all the ‘transfer’ details set up. These funds in a small way, will address some of the unmet needs Pastor Isaac has identified above. Without doubt, they will not solve a single macro issue in the slums of Nairobi. But they will bless and encourage 600 children for 2-3 days – no more, no less!

So my invitation to you in this Easter Season is to calculate what you might spend on Starbucks in the next month … or a lunch out … or what a reasonable bottle of wine might cost … and consider allocating that to the Nairobi Children’s Camp. To do that, simply send me an email at and say, “Add this amount to what you’re sending!” … and I’ll do exactly that on April 1st. You can count on me acknowledging your email, with thanksgiving. I’ll also post Pastor Isaac’s report on the Children’s Camp later in April.

Be kept of the Heavens. Salute the friends for me.

Tom (on behalf of Pastor Isaac)





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  1. Deepak #

    Thanks Tom

    In daily routine we are VERY BUSY thinking of stuff that is far less important that cause that is being discussed. Hope I get some strength help these children.

    Will write to you separately.

    March 25, 2015
  2. pastor Isaac. #

    thanks friends for the heart felt giving to the Gate of Holiness family and community at large ,our prayers is with you and we believe in you ,as we trust the lord to be a blessing to the next Generation.

    April 2, 2015

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