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Beginnings … and Endings!


“The lowly caterpillar,” says Charles Spurgeon, “is only the beginning of the matter.” [i] Caterpillars live in a chrysalis of death for a season, but then burst forth into a new life chapter of life. As a butterfly, they’re a whole new creation, radiant with beauty, freedom, and new life purpose. “The end of a matter is better than its beginning,” [ii] says Solomon, though the meaning and purpose of life largely escaped the Bible’s wise man. Life is all about beginnings and endings … and embracing the realities of life experience, life change, and life purpose.

marathon-mphyx“I know a thing or two about beginnings and endings,” I told a ministry colleague at lunch one day. “Life experience, life change and life purpose each has its signature on my life. Life experience is always the beginning … and it often comes ferociously and uninvited. Life change is our response to life experience … but many resist or avoid it! Life change, however, is not the end of the matter – it only points to it. Life purpose is the end of the matter and gives meaning and outward expression to life experience and life change. That’s the meaning and message of Metamorphyx.”

“There’s a biblical foundation to your premise,” said Bob, “what you say aligns perfectly with Romans 12. Sounds like a topic you should write about.”

“Well, Bob” I beamed, “I already am. Metamorphyx is about how life experience, life change, and life purpose evolved in my life … and applies to others as well. There’s a lot you’ll find in Metamorphyx that may surprise you … some, I think, may shock you.”

Metamorphyx centers on of life’s most perplexing questions, “How does one embrace life experience, life change, and fulfill life purpose with all its confounding mysteries, tragedies and challenges? That baffling question opens the door to many others. What does it mean to embrace life experience? Why life change … is it necessary? What is life purpose and who defines it? Do you or I have a unique life purpose or calling? If so, how do I discover or learn it? When does life purpose kick-in? Is it a predestined mystery that blooms only in a season of life? Does life purpose require spiritual awareness?

Metamorphyx wrestles with all those questions. Look for the book this fall.


Tom Schuler

[i] Morning by Morning, Charles Spurgeon, Day 365

[ii] Ecclesiastes 7:8

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  1. You got my attention! I’m looking forward to reading the book in the autumn.

    July 14, 2017

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