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Metamorphyx – The Book

Embracing Life Change for Life Purpose

Book_CoverIn mid-May I entered into a contract to write and publish, Metamorphyx. The book graphic to the right is just a mock-up of the Metamorphyx logo. It’s not the actual cover design; that’s in the works. I’ve spent the first eight weeks organizing notes (some go back 20 years), outlining chapters, doing research on the topic of life change, and fleshing out the book abstract and first chapter.

It’s one thing to think about writing a book – it’s quite another to engage in the writing process, discipline, and challenge. I have a marvelous and diverse editorial team of old and new friends committed to help steer me to the finish line … probably early 2017. I’d like to say “So far, so good!” But the more fitting expression might be, “So far, very difficult … but good!”

Over the next several months, I’ll be posting snippets from the book in Metamorphyx Conversations as well as themes that reflect its focus. Where Is Our Hope … and Who Is It In? was one of those. Check it out if you haven’t already … and Part II as well.I’m also going to resurrect some old posts and get them on a renewed Facebook page. I plan to offer a regular diet of ‘life change’ material over the next several months. I’ve also hired a Director of Social Media.  Caroline, my very capable daughter, will do a great job getting all the social media platforms sync’d up. I’m not completely clueless on that … just close per her evaluation!

Here are two places I can use your help.
1)    Check out the One Sentence and the One Paragraph overview of the book below and tell me what you think. I’ve submitted these to the editor and my editorial team.
2)    Direct friends who may be interested in these topics to the Metamorphyx website our FB page. In the near future I’ll be adding Twitter and Instagram.

One Sentence: “How do we embrace life, with its confounding challenges, tragedies, and mysteries … and emerge victorious with resilient life purpose?”
One Paragraph: Metamorphyx delivers an enlightening ‘rear-view mirror’ perspective to life’s trials and challenges. Calling on personal life and death experience, bitter failures, and stunning reversals in life, Tom skillfully blends life experience with biblical truth, the wisdom of iconic Christian writers, and the Providential Will of God to inspire readers to discover their unique brand of life purpose. The result; a narrative packed with present-day, life-application clout. Brace for Tom’s wicked transparency, candor, and wit as he takes the reader on a stirring journey into highly personal front-line battles of life that shape character, and ultimately point to life purpose.



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  1. Deepak #

    All the best Tom. I am sure husband going to be very exciting and insightful read.

    Looking forward to it.

    Comment/question: Is it only about challenges and miseries? Or the book also reflects on some of the joys and celebrations?

    Looking forward to it either ways.

    July 25, 2016
    • Tom #

      Hi Deepak: Ha! If were only ‘miseries’ I doubt anyone would read it – and I wouldn’t want to write it! Notice in the One Sentence description it says … “and emerge victorious with resilient life purpose.” The book is all about a ‘victory’ … but the path to that isn’t always easy!

      July 25, 2016
  2. Deborah Schuler #

    Hey Tom,
    Bob and I were not sure what you meant by life-application clout.
    And does life purpose mean the purpose of your life at any age?

    Understood the rest, and it sounds very good.

    You have undertaken quite a project. We wish you the best of luck with your endeavor.

    July 25, 2016
    • Tom #

      Hi Deb: There’s plenty of ‘head knowledge’ out there – but a scarcity of practical ‘life application’ knowledge. It’s my intent to bridge that gap! Thanks for your ‘practical’ question. Blessings.

      July 25, 2016
  3. Isaac Idambo #

    So happy and excited for you my love falls within the raising above the. eyes on this pages as we long having this

    July 25, 2016
    • Isaac Idambo #

      As we look forward for this great mission one to pass . really good work all the best my friend.

      July 25, 2016
      • Tom #

        Pastor Isaac: It was four years ago this month that we met in Nairobi. I long to see you again, my friend! Thank you for your encouragement and prayers on this project. Blessings to your church community.

        July 27, 2016
  4. Manny Rodriguez #

    Hi Tom:

    I can’t wait to read your book! A couple of small thoughts; consider adding to your one paragraph something that also reflects your triumphs, so something like “Calling on personal life and death experience, mountain-top experiences, bitter failures and stunning reversals in life”. Also, probably replace “wicked transparency”‘ with “heartfelt transparency”

    Exciting stuff!!!!


    July 30, 2016

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