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The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People*: If I had to choose one secular book to help me navigate through life in the business or ministry world, I’d choose Seven Habits – there’s not even a close second! I believe it is the most practical and wisdom-laced guide to personal effectiveness and healthy relationships in print. For example, “Seek first to understand before being understood,” (Habit # 5) is the right first question in family conflicts, work and ministry environments, and anywhere people intersect in life. Learn and apply Steven Covey’s Seven Habits and you might just become that highly effective person in your workplace, ministry, and family environment!




The Call*: Os Guinness and his family make more than great beer (yes, it’s the same family!) One of the great insights of this work is the ‘call’ to ministry in whatever role or environment God has placed us – we don’t have to be in a formal ministry role to serve God with our gifts! Guinness tells us “that any contradiction between our calling and our career condemns us to be square pegs in round holes.” He adds, “There is an intimate relationship between the called and the Caller.” The Call can be a call to all of us.






The Making of a Leader*:A pastor friend gave me this book almost 20 years ago – I still refer to it – and the concept of personal convergence that I speak to in the vision for Metamorphyx and my personal bio comes from Bobby Clinton’s wisdom. In his book, Clinton studies biblical characters and giants of the faith over the millennia and creates a ‘life model’ that provides great insights into how and when God intersects our lives. The basis for ‘Life Mapping,’ which is a very challenging and highly rewarding deep dive into one’s personal life journey and circumstances is derived from Clinton’s work.

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