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Tom’s Bio

tom-headshotThere’s no such word as Metamorphyx in the dictionary, but whenever I mention the word, everyone seems to get it! It represents transformation or change, which is happening constantly to us and around us – even if you don’t sign up for it. Through facing both positive and difficult circumstances in my own life, I have developed a passion to help people and the organizations they work in embrace the dynamics of change. More than a tagline, this has become a personal philosophy and theology of life. If you would like to learn how change can become a catalyst for positive movement in your life, this website could be for you.

Not all change is painless and like most people, I have faced major setbacks and crises. In the rearview mirror of life, I see that each one has uniquely shaped me. We are all going somewhere! How we view and respond to the dynamics of change make a monumental difference on the journey to whatever destination we choose. My hope is to transfer to you skills, experience and some wisdom that will help you keep pace with, or get out in front of, change dynamics that are in your pathway. These are primarily in three walks of life … in your personal arena, your workplace, and your faith walk.

My companion journey through and with change spans the United States Naval Academy, five years in the U.S. Marine Corps, corporate America, founding an international consulting firm that worked in the R&D and manufacturing community for over 22 years, completing graduate studies at Dallas Theological Seminary, serving as Executive Pastor at a large church in Atlanta, and guiding a number of non-profit entities into new pastures. As God grew my passion for outreach to the poor and under-resourced, I have also been privileged to initiate a thriving ministry in the slums of Nairobi and to teach Festivals of Learning to a diverse contingent of African pastors.

My passion for life coaching, mentoring, and investing in personal development continues to grow every year. “How can I help you be more effective at what God has called you to do?” is one of my favorite questions. I get a real buzz seeing people develop their skills and talents … and helping organizations empower their leaders to embrace change in a dynamic culture or environment that refuses to stand still. Coaching, however, may sometimes mean just walking, enduring, and persevering with someone in their personal furnace of affliction.

I am naturally wired to think of things not as they are, but as they could be! In both personal and organizational relationships, I’m constantly searching for insights that lead to breakthrough ideas and strategies. I revel in the joy of connecting dots and synthesizing complex issues into practical move-ahead initiatives – on both a personal and organizational level.

And finally, I can’t imagine a worst use of time, energy, and life experience than watching it leech into the sand at some beach or lakeside cottage in the latter years of life! “Convergence,” according to author Bobby Clinton (The Making of a Leader) is all about reinvesting experience and wisdom in the younger generation and making the world a better place.

I invite you to connect, exchange ideas and join me in Metamorphyx Conversations. My weekly blog topics are focused on embracing change …

Without doubt, the greatest blessing I enjoy in life is my family … my wife Jan of 31 years and my four children and their families – Greg and his wife Frances; Erica, her husband Brian and my sweet granddaughter Bethany Faith; my son Bryan, and precious daughter, Caroline Grace. If not working or reading more books than I can carry, I’m usually found on the lake rowing my single scull, training for my next (and perhaps last) triathlon, or taking a mini-retreat in either Florida’s Ponte Vedra Beach or alongside the Chattooga River in north Georgia.