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Metamorphyx Vision:

Metamorphyx is the house I built for my ‘convergence’ zone (see my bio). In this phase of life, I want to be about re-investing experience and wisdom into others … personally and in organizational sense. Metamorphyx is not about launching a late-life second or third career. Rather, it’s about creating a forum for exchange of new ideas, wisdom, encouragement, and debate on real life issues and challenges. Sure, I’d like to see Metamorphyx deliver some practical value to people visiting the site, but I also want it to be fun … an idea expander versus a battery drainer! I expect some life-on-life relationships could emerge from the dialog at but that’s not a goal in itself. That said, I’ll certainly evaluate any personal or organizational inquiries that come my way on a case by case basis … so I invite your questions and critique.

In summary, I’m hoping that people who visit come away from it saying, “Hmmm, that’s interesting (or helpful!) … I never thought about this quite that way!” If that occurs on some periodic basis … then as we used to say where I grew up, “I’ll be happy as a clam at high tide.”

You can join the blog discussions, comment on The Bookshelf forum, sign up for an event, and/or email me personally ( if you want to discuss anything in more detail.